Ghost Princess Perona. 

Ghost Princess Perona. 


Turned my shirt design into a pattern for fun. So spooky! 

Turned my shirt design into a pattern for fun. So spooky! 

*steals joke from spiderman* Web design is intricate. 

He’s quite the party animal. 


Here’s a quick and dirty guide to making halftone screens in photoshop, which is great if you want to set up your photoshop files for screen printing!

1) Create your document in grayscale. (Or create it in RGB and then covert it to grayscale.)

2) Using the gradient tool, create a pure black to pure white gradient.

3) Go to mode->bitmap. It’ll pull up a mini select screen. Make sure you have “Use: Halftone Screen” selected.

4) Play around with the frequency, angle and shape. I personally like the line and dot screen tone. Select All-> Copy

5) I created a new document in RGB with a transparent background, and pasted in my tone on a separate layer.

5) Using the magic wand tool, (make sure “contiguous” is not clicked!) I deleted all of the white from my screen.

6) Enjoy your screen tone! 

That’s basically it! 

Designed a little Halloween shirt, even though it’s only August. I like drawing ghosts.

credit for t-shirt found here

What do you guys think? Would you buy it?

Because butterflies glide along when they aren’t looking like flying is difficult for them. 

He’s an inquisitive fellow. 

Donuts are pretty glorious, wouldn’t you say?

It’s a purple pearl! 

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